Web Host Testing, Why?

So you can skip a few road bumps and get started with a good web host.

We have signed up, tested, and reviewed more than 50 web hosting services since 2008. In case you wonder – we are the folks at Web Hosting Secret Revealed and this is one of the many test sites we hold.

Last Recorded Uptime Data for DumpShoppers.com

At this time of writing, DumpShoppers.com is hosted at eHost – a host owned and managed by Endurance International Group. There was no downtime for this site in the last 30 days, site scores a perfect 100% in February/March 2017.

The following image is the screen captured from Uptime Robot. For more details and hosting choices, please visit WHSR Hosting Review Page.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is theĀ first and only post on Dumb Shoppers.

There is nothing here in this blog. I simply create this blog for web host testing purpose. To learn more about this project and all web host testing results and reviews, please visit here.


I Heart Big Image

From the movie Oz The Great and Powerful
From the movie Oz The Great and Powerful

Stunning scene. Do not add big, unoptimized image like this to your blog.